The Future of Food Box for SXSW
The Future of Food Box for SXSW
The Future of Food Box for SXSW

The Green Cart Pantry

The Future of Food Box for SXSW

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Taste along with the SXSW digital experience by getting a Future of Food CPG Box delivered to your door.

Curated by The Green Cart / Pantry, this year's boxes celebrate 25 emerging Austin-based CPG brands laying the groundwork for a better, more sustainable future.

A portion of the proceeds from the Future of Food CPG Box powers emergency food access initiatives for consumers in Austin, TX. More information on the Future of Food CPG Box & SXSW can be found programming here

What's inside:

Lactose probiotics (Bactose), Functional energy bars (Crafted), Superfood smoothies (Fairseed), Gold brew coffee (Golden Ratio), Kentucky spearmint (Grow Gardenio), Dehydrated mushroom "shrumami" powder (HiFi Mycology), Granola butter (Jake & Jubi's), Chickpea chips (Kibo), Dairy-free collagen creamers (Ladybird Provisions), Yaupon macha (Local Leaf), Functional drink chrono-nutrition powders (Mantra Labs), Cricket protein dog treats (Neo Bites), Barrel-aged probiotic shrub (Other Mother), Hemp-infused coffee (Ott Coffee), Vegan pecan parm (Perennial Pecan), Clean label coconut water (Pura Coco), Vegan bars made with upcycled veggies (Real Food Bar), Cloud-to-bottle rainwater (Richard's Rainwater), Organic, responsibly sourced trail mix (Shar), Artisanal bottled espresso (Steamm Espresso), Vegan caramel stroopwafel (Stroop Club), Zero-alcohol hemp cocktails (Sweet Crude), Zero-sugar lemonade and ginger-lime mixer (Swoon), Slow-fermented sourdough crackers (The Sourdough Project), Single origin honey (Two Hives Honey)

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