Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.
Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.

Snack Jack

Jackfruit Jerky - 2 oz.

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Diet-friendly, allergen-free, award winning jackfruit jerky - Highly sustainable superfood. 

Snack Jack™ is an innovative plant-based jerky made from jackfruit that can be enjoyed by people of all diets, as a snack or a meal!

• Gluten-free, soy-free
• Keto, paleo, whole30
• Plant-Based, Vegan
• No preservatives, no sugar, no chemically-derived proteins
• No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
• Low glycemic index, low fat (less than 5g per serving)
• No trans fat, no saturated fat
• High in fiber, low carb
• Cholesterol-free, nitrate-free

Ingredients: Young green jackfruit, tomato, mushroom, seaweed, hickory smoked water (100% natural, simply purified water smoked with hickory wood), paprika, garlic, onion, monk fruit, beet, ancho chili, natural sea salt, black pepper.

Flavor profile:

Cracked pepper: Diana's favorite, her original recipe & top-seller. Lightly smoky and covered in coarse cracked black pepper.
Sweet Chili: Lightly sweet with a kick! No added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
Hickory smoked: Lightly smoky and reminiscent of barbecue.

Serving suggestions:  As a quick snack or topping on homemade sandwiches, tacos, salads.

Founded by Diana Dussan after a life changing kayaking trip in 2016, Snack Jack is an Austin-based family business that reinvents snacking with a plant-powered jackfruit jerky. Soon after launching at Austin farmers markets in 2016, Snack Jack brought its trademarked superfood gem available to many organic grocers across the US including Austin's own Whole Foods. Each bag of Snack Jack sold benefits Keep Austin Fed. Snack Jack is a force for GOOD!