Farm Greens - Multi
Farm Greens - Multi
Farm Greens - Multi


Farm Greens - Multi

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Rotating variety of first-picked greens for family-sized salad (or several small ones)

Ingredients: Varieties change weekly i.e. mustard greens, collard greens, sorrel, curly kale

Serving suggestions:

  • Salad: Serve at ever-so-slightly chilled temperature with a blush of olive oil and salt. Layer with deli spread (chicken, beans). Add seeds or nuts for sensory contrasts.
  • Taco: Try a truly lush taco, with plenty shredded green leaf mixed with chicken or bean taco toss.
  • Wrap sandwich: BYO (build your own) low-carb lettuce wrap with chicken or vegan deli side wrapped into fresh lettuce and chard leaves

Our current green offerings are sourced from Boggy Creek Farm in the East Austin.

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