Yes, Honey!

Here at The Green Cart we don’t take hashtags too seriously- unless we do:)

So here’s a good one - #Challengeaccepted- and it goes to one of our favorite women in biz (in bees;) Tara Chapman who has always lifted up others starting with the smallest of creatures, the bees.

Two Hives Honey has been on The Green Cart Pantry pretty much since day one (March? April? Feels like eons ago)- a pantry staple indeed and a humbling reminder of human ingenuity that goes into a small, minimalist, nourishing jar.

Take a peak at Tara’s jaw dropping bio. Get an inside scoop of a beekeeper’s (and business owner’s) everyday via her IG feed @twohives. Add a jar (or one of those magical beeswax balms - in the Sundry) on to your next order. Your Pantry will Thank you!

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