The Special: Pavlova

Complimentary Fluff Meringue & More Pavlova with all Pantry orders placed by Monday 8/17 💝

For this week's special 🍡 we pre-filled a cart with a single shell Pavlova - lovechild of tres-leches, macaron, fruitcake & custard that sounds as exotic and lovely as it tastes.

We love the interplay between the crispy meringue shell (Pavlova’s base) and the accoutrements -acidity and sweetness juxtaposed, unmitigated softness.

Shell: 🤍  Fresh meringue (dairy-free, gluten-free, fat-free)
Drizzle: 👻  Balsamic razzleberry
Filling: 🍥  Passionfruit mousse
Topping: 🍓 Strawberry & blueberry mix

Treating yourself? Sending a love package to a friend? You can fill up the rest of the cart with more goodies or checkout with Pavlova only -

BONJOUR & happy bundling!

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