The Pantry

"Pantry” is an antique word with an eternal logic: eating is easy when you have the parts of your meal ready. Our definition of pantry encompasses:

FRIDGE - fresh & clean deli food with a twist
FARM - picks from local farmstead darlings
SHELF - pantry staples, craft foods, treats, CPG
GRAB & GO - gourmet deli sandwiches & wraps
COFFEE - best beans in town
SUNDRY - stay-home luxuries and necessities

Whether you’re doing meal prep, stretching towards a new diet, experimenting with flavors, or you're an old hand with wide-ranging tastes, you’ll be prepared. Did we mention picnics, too? and that it's all local?!

Cutoff time for all orders is Monday, end of the day, weekly, and the delivery day is Wednesday You can pick a slot that works for you best - 1-3 PM or 3-5 PM - and get your deli delivered to your doorstep, sans-contact. 💛   Your pantry will Thank you!

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