Villa Mache in Amorgos Island, Ioannis Xenakis, Greece 1966

What’s better than an architect’s house? An architect’s house in Greece. 🔷

Today we’re reminiscing about fun times in Amorgos - lesser-known, gorgeous Cycladic island with jaw-dropping sights such as Hozoviotissa monastery (built in 1017, literally hanging on the cliff 985 ft above the sea) and stone-clad hand-made Asfondilitis (a castle-like town built solo by a man in paralysis in the early 1900-s. Cra-zy). Best fava beans, patates lemonates & seafood, too!

Anyway, Amorgos is home to this beautiful villa built by Ioannis Xenakis in 1966 for his daughter. 💙  Greek intellectual, brilliant interdisciplinary poly-art maven, architect & composer, Xenakis worked closely with Le Corbusier in Paris in the late 1940s (The Philips Pavillion!) and was a major figure in postwar musical modernism in Paris & New York.

We love the simplicity, curved geometry, capsule approach to rooms, a touch of brutalism (or is it a landscape? Fans of West Texas will relate) and the view Mediterranean dreams are made of. 🔵   

Photography credits: Adrianna Glaviano, Hidden Architecture 

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