New to The Pantry

We’re thrilled to announce the newest sweet addition to The Pantry - Fluff Meringues & More. You can now find their delicious offerings in the Shelf section on The Pantry, in treats.

Fluff Meringues
 & More is a modern patisserie that sources fine ingredients to produce unique, tasty treats. Based in Austin. Founded & run by french pastry connoisseur & worldly Texan Kristin Collins. All eggs are fresh and local, sugar is sourced from pure sugar cane and chocolate is some of the world's finest.

Fluff’s madeilenes & macarons would make Ladurée jealous and their Pavlova - meringue-based summer dessert named in honor of the Russian ballerina - is crazy easy to put together from the ingredients delivered - via The Pantry - straight to your door! BOOM!

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  • Andrew Escher

    These look so tasty!

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