Joy - Delivered!

That's right! With each Wednesday delivery comes your weekly dose of hyperlocal pantry (made-to-order deli, gourmet wraps & sammies, sourdough, garden variety veggies, goat cheese dairy, local treats, cold brew & beans and what not) plus 😍  a little something from us, The Green Cart Pantry team.

A taste of what’s to come, a smart add-on to your bundle, local maker PSA, and of course your weekly farm fresh stem - we have as much fun curating your MINI's as we hope you do - exploring. 💚

Have a favorite local maker you'd like delivered to your door, bundled up with other hyperlocal goodies? Q's about specific items, ordering, shelf life, delivery range? Join by texting 512.866.7841 to chat with us & stay in the know. It's the small things ya'll! 🥳

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