Biosphere 2

NICE TRY! Episode 6 / Biosphere 2: The Theater of Utopia*

We discovered NICE TRY! in the early days of the pandemic. It is a limited series podcast, hilarious, slightly addictive and oh-so-very human - who doesn’t love a good utopia after all?

One episode tells a story of Biosphere-2 - the Arizona research facility that began in the 1980s as an experimental space colony with eight women and men sealing themselves inside an airtight, three-acre mini-world for two years. Feels familiar, no? Minus the 2.999 acres.

We hope you enjoy this spectacular story of human endurance and have a mellow pandemic-free weekend. 

*NICE TRY! is Curbed's podcast about the perpetual search for utopian living produced in collaboration with Vox Media. It uncovers the stories of the world’s most fascinating communities: Jamestown, Chandigarh, Levittown, Oneida, Germania, Biosphere 2, Herland, & Disney World.

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